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A unique way to reduce fuel consumption with our diesel/petrol saving device

The Hiclone is a revolutionary air management system, which is the only product of its kind on the market. Our head office is located in West Perth Western Australia, we supply Hiclones Worldwide. We are the manufacturer and distributor of this unique fuel saving device.

The Hiclone is intended to be a fuel saving device which is fitted in the air intake hose of the EFI, Diesel, LPG and Turbo Vehicles between the air filter and manifold (if there is an air flow meter the Hiclone should always be fitted in front of it). As the air is forced to enter the combustion chamber in a cyclonic, tornado manner and the fuel that comes out of the injectors together this will improve dramatically the air/fuel mixture which in turn will dramatically increase the amount of fuel burn in the combustion chamber instead of the fuel being emitted unburned from the exhaust pipe. Made from laser cut, spot welded stainless steel, each unit is handmade with no moving parts this means that it is also maintenance free. The Hiclone is easy to fit and can be fitted to a range of vehicles, including; trucks, cars and 4 wheel drives.

The Hiclone is covered by a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee and is expected to endure the lifetime of the car in which it is installed. Any purchaser who is not completely satisfied with the results within 30 days may return the unit (with proof of purchase) for a full refund.

With this warranty there is no reason not to try the Hiclone. Contact us for more information about how you can start saving today.