Q. Where do the Hiclones fit?
A. The Hiclone fits between the air filter housing and the manifold of an engine, if there is an air flow meter the Hiclone must be fitted in front of it. One Hiclone is fitted close to air filter and one Hiclone close to manifold. There is no cutting of any hoses or modifications to any car whatsoever.
Q. Does it have to be fitted by a mechanic?
A. No, anyone can fit the Hicloneunit, there are two important points that must be considered when installing the Hiclone unit. The Arrow direction on the Hiclone unit must point towards the engine. The Hiclone must be a nice tight fit, closing the centre of the Hiclone unit.
Q. What should I expect from using Hiclone?
A. 10% performance improvement with 1 unit installed. 15% performance improvements with 2 units installed.
Q. Does it work for all vehicles?
A. Hiclone works for all engine types, including gas, fuel injected and diesel cars, trucks, motorbikes, marine motors, earth moving equipment and generators.
Q. Will it fit a turbo car?
A. Yes, Hiclone units will fit in turbo cars. One if fitted before the turbo, close to the air filter and the second is fitted close to the engine manifold. The turbo will power up quicker, improving the drivability of the car.

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Who needs it?

All motor vechile owners

What are the benefits?

  • Increased mileage
  • Quicker starting
  • Stable idling
  • Reduced noise
  • More power output
  • Longer engine life