The power output has increased some 10-15%. Overall I am very impressed with the unit.
Nissan Navara Diesel - John Eggers, Cairns, Aus.
Hiclone has increased performance, with better fuel efficiency. I fully recommend the Hiclone system.
Toyota Hiace van - Reece Jones, N.Z. Rally Champion, Kerikeri, New Zealand
This will save me $240 per year, and I'm happier knowing that I'm contributing to a less polluted environment.
Ford Falcon 4.11t - Cameron Lawn, Brisbane, Aus.
You come across some unusual devices that claim to increase power, but this funny little ring actually works.
Holden Commodore VR V6 - Godfrey Town, Street Commodore Magazine.
With 2 units installed my fuel consumption has improved by 8.6% and a noticeable increase in power.
Hino FG 9tonne - D. Carter, Perth, Aus.
Hiclone gave me 17% more range on LPG.
Land-Rover Discovery 200 TDI - Colin Shurlock, Perth, Aus.
Improved fuel economy between 20-38km more per fill.
1994 Ford Laser 1.6L - Dennis Tringham, Metro Ford, Qld, Aus.
Increased around 5-9% power up.
Volvo N12 prime mover - Allalong -Tasmanian Searoads, NSW, Aus.
Fuel savings of 12-15%.The engine runs smoothly with more power.
1900 Volvo Turbo Diesel 11,000cc - New Mans Tour Bus Company, New Zealand.
Mileage increased from 12.1 MPG to 16.2 MPG. Improvement in idling quality and in exhaust emissions.
1992 Chevy 4WD V-8 - Rick Christle, Volkswagen-Subaru Service Manager, USA.

29 September 2002

Dear Hi-clone Staff,

My name is Phillip Ward, Peth W.A. My family has just purchased a '92 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 2.8 4cyl intercooler turbo diesel, 7 seater, & found it good for long distance travel, a bit underpowered uphill & overtaking without a hi-clone. I bought 2 Hiclones 2 days ago due to being a turbo and travelled 5 hrs each day, Perth -Busselton, over 2 days & with hi-clone in 2nd trip noticed remarkable improved economy, 95It tank over 920 KMS. ALL my vehicles, since when hi-clone first advertised have had this item & I would never be without it. Our Pajero is now equivalent to a 4.0ltr 6cy1 Falcon. EXCELLENT. ALL our cars since hi-clone has been on the market have had a HI-CLONE. All the best with top products.

Kind regards, Phillip Ward

Dear Sir,

I own a 1988 Nissan Patrol 4.2 Diesel 4x4.
While visiting Perth in February 2000 I had a "Hiclone" fitted to my Patrol. I still have this patrol and have done approx 50 thousand kilometres since that time, 30 thousand of these towing a caravan. I have been on the Sunshine coast Queensland for the last couple of years travelling without a caravan, I am getting over 10 kilometres per litre. I am a converted user of this "Hiclone" system and tell every person who is interested all about the great performance I have experienced since having it fitted.

The reason I am writing to you I would like 10 find out who supplies these to the Australian market (I believe they come from Rockhampton in Queensland) and as I live at Maroochydore Queensland who are the agents in this area. I hope you can help me and look forward to your reply.

Kind regards, Ron Willoughby

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to express my sheer delight at the results that my vehicle has attainted from using your product the "Hiclone".

I am a fastidious owner of a (Japanese assembled) 1988, Toyota Camry, 2.5 litre V6 automatic sedan which has 210,000 kilometres on the clock and is always tuned. I only use the highest grade lubricants in the sump and gearbox and change these and the filter every 5000 kms.

Prior to installing the two "Hiclones", I was averaging 25 MPG, (my apologies for the use of the old language) and the acceleration was pretty good. Upon leaving the premises where the "Hiclones", had been installed I noticed a marked uplift in the acceleration. I took the vehicle to a petrol station and topped up the tank, zeroed the trip meter and took the car for a 250 kilometre run. After about 100 kilometres into the drive the performance of the car was very different to what it had been at the start. The acceleration was unbelievable both from a standing start and from cruising at 100 Kph and then using the kick down. The "Hiclones”, give off a sound almost like a Turbo under hard acceleration.

I returned to the same petrol Station after the trip (243 Kilometres), and after filling the tank (at the same pump) I worked out the petrol consumption. THIRTY SEVEN and AND EIGHTH MPG, Sensational!!!

I have kept a close eye on the petrol use over the last two months and this figure is fairly constant. The use around the city is averaging about 27-28 MPG.

It is refreshing to find a product that meets all the claims of the manufacturer.

I would and do recommend the “Hiclone”

Yours Truly, Eddie Kettle

Friday, 26 May 2006

Hi. My name is David Partington. I live in Perth West Australia. I had a Hiclone fitted 4 weeks ago. At first I only noticed an improvement in power. No improvement in fuel economy.

I am now over the moon as my Ford AU 4lt Ute is now getting 25mpg around the city and 32 mpg on a country run.

Previously it was returning 22mpg in the city 26mpg in the country with only one Hiclone fitted.

Thanks, David Partington

April 22, 2006

Dear Ahmed,

I am writing this letter after our phone conversation on Thursday. At the caravan and camping show I came across your stand, I had little knowledge of the Hiclone device prior and by the end of my enquiries I walked away having purchased two.

On installation I found that my recently purchased second hand 4WD already had one, so I proceeded to fit the Hiclone to my Turbo 2lt Toyota Sedan. This vehicle had already done 200,000km and I took a 445km trip to Geraldton leaving at 5am from Willetton and arriving at 9:30am, some 4.5 hours later. I have done this trip many times before in this vehicle, and usually put 35/39 litres of fuel in. With Hiclone in place I put only 26 litres in before it bubble to the top and the return trip to Perth used 27 litres.

With these obvious results in just the first trip I would therefore like you to know how impressed I am with my purchase, and will be recommending the Hiclone device to my friends and family.

Kind Regards, Wilfred Snook

January 05 2004

Hi Chris,

I don’t know if you remember but you installed 2 Hiclones in my Discovery a couple of weeks ago and I was going to Albury over x-mas to give them a test run. I must say I had my doubts before but actually got about 15% better fuel consumption on the freeway. Performance-wise it’s a bit more difficult to judge, especially since this care of mind has it’s good days and it’s bad but believe it has improve slightly as well. It almost feels like a very week turbo effect on higher revs. I just can’t believe car manufactures don’t out them in all cars.

Best Regards, Andres

Hello John,

Well, I told you that you would hear from me regardless of how I found the Hiclone.

I have now used 2 tanks of diesel in my Nissan Patrol Turbo and as I said before I have always run from a full tank to the low fuel warning light coming on each time since the car was new so have a very good idea what distance I should expect from a fill up, which has always been between 630 and 670kms. I filled the tank straight after fitting the 2 Hiclone’s and was waiting for the low fuel light at the usual time although I knew from the gauge that things were looking good. Well, it finally came on at 805kms, but wait, there’s more, the second tank gave me 812kms. Use of the car was normal in every respect and I was not driving for economy, maintaining the speed limit as usual.

The low to mid range power has noticeably improved and the turbo begins to come in about 800rpm lower. In fact the engine is willing to pull from below idle speed in 2nd gear. I have always been a bit disappointed in the lack of flexibility in the engine and changed to a lower gear often just to get the turbo delivering power but the range of usable torque now is very pleasing.

A good product, not a gimmick.

Regards, Peter Christie

Good afternoon Ahmed

We at Haden engineering would like to thank you for your assistance with the fitment and tests of the Hiclone to several of our vehicle, the test are almost complete and the results to date have given us enough information to fit out our entire fleet of vehicles in W.A.

We have the Hiclone fitted to various vehicles in the fleet, petrol, diesel and lpg, the best return was on the diesel. Hyundai Terrecan CRDi, and a Landrover TD5 discovery, both have given better than a 10% fuel saving, very little to no smoke discharge, and the tailpipes are clean, no soot build up, both are smoother and crisper under acceleration no flat spot to talk of from turbo lag…

The other vehicles fitted up where the new Toyota Hi Lux 4ltr V16 petrol, we purchased 3 vehicles and only fitted the Hiclone to 2 of them, there is a marked difference in the performance of these vehicles, the vehicles that have been fitted With the Hiclone are returning an average saving of 1 to 1.5ltrs per 100km better, the tailpipes are clean, so the vehicles are running much cleaner and more efficient.

We have also fitted up to both Ford AU and BA utes, some of the fuel savings have gone from 16 to 13ltrs per 100km, these are service vehicles with ladders on top, and full of tools and parts, these vehicles run on both LPG and Petrol, the saving on LPG is good, about 7%, but the saving on petrol is fantastic, both of the new Holden Commodores, one fitted about 1 to 1.2ltrs better per 100km, all up we would be estimating a fuel saving over our fleet of vehicles over 12 month period of approx $12500.00.

This saving is only for the Perth based fleet, nationally we estimate a saving of approx $250000.00 per year. Being in the Airconditioning industry, we know what damage is being done to the environment, and anything we can do to protect the environment, has got to be good for us all…

We would like to thankyou again for assistance, and look forward to future business…

Regards, Steve Stothard

Dear Sir,

I thought you would be interested in a trial that we have conducted on our 1000kw natural gas generators.

The trial started out at our Carnarvon power station nearly six years ago in the hope of a reduction in the consumption of diesel fuel. It became apparent to us almost immediately via our fuel metering instrumentation that the installation of the Hiclone device was providing a reduction in diesel fuel consumption of about 8%. This is a considerable saving when you consider that the duty of a power station is 24/7.

Following this improvement in fuel consumption Hiclone, was fitted to all seven-generator prime movers. You may also be interested that the seven 250kw 6 cylinder diesel engines operating at this site have well exceeded 30,000 hours without having to replace any major engine components. This includes turbos and cylinder heads.

In 1999 Gascoyne Power purchased five 1000kw V16 natural gas low emission generators engines. The fuel for these engines is very much unprocessed, and therefore can be consumed by the engines in various consistencies such as varying heating values and percent methane. The effects of the changing fuel can be prevented by consistent tuning, however this many not always be possible as sudden changed may be unnoticed or the generators may pick up or drop load (kw’s) in turn altering the optimum tuning for a given load.

As a result of varying fuel, load and tune the cylinder head and exhaust temperatures can rise to levels that can burn valves and turbo’s unexpectedly, potentially leading to further engine damage.

In February 2004 we installed a Hiclone into our lead engine (No 5) as a means of providing a better mixture and reducing detonation. This engine is approaching 38,000 hours.

Throughout the course of a year we would expect to change about eight cylinder heads, due to either to progression of valve recession of burnt valves.

We thought it would be of interest to you to know that we have yet to touch a turbo or head on engine No 5 since installing the Hiclone device. This reflects an enormous saving in man-hours and engine down time.

So from the trial that we have conducted over the last fifteen months we believe there is a very strong evidence that the Hiclone device not only offers an improvement in fuel consumption, but long term mechanical benefits and subsequently will be fitted to the remaining four engines.

Regards, Manson Lague, Supervisor, Gascoyne Power

12th May, 2005

To whom it may concern,

I would like to let you know I believe the Hiclone is probably the best fuel saving device I have tried, and I have tried a few..

I have recently taken a 65mm from a Hyundai Sante Fe, and estimated saving of 1.7 to 2 litres @ 100km, I have since put it into a Hyundai Terracan CRDi, the book says 10.5 litres @ 100kms, I am averaging early to mid 9’s, I have also fitted 1 to an EB Falcon sedan, approx saving 3 litres @ 100 and a LPG EB Falcon, with an estimated extra range of 85km a tank, light to light, we are looking at fitting to our entire fleet of vehicles, Ford Falcon 1t, Holden Rodeo and Toyota Hilux Petrol (new model), in all some 150 vehicles.

Could you please let me know what size Hiclone would be required for the pre turbo intake on the Hyundai CRDi, I will estimate a 65mm, there is already a 65mm fitted post intercooler.

Regards, Steve Stothard

5th September 2002

To whom it may concern

I own a 1997 manual Mitsubishi Lancer Coupe, which is serviced regularly. Before installing a Hiclone in my car, I would get approximately 450-480klms per tank, after the installation I immediately could see the results, as I live in the hills I noticed that the power had increased and I now get approximately 550 – 570 klms per tank.

I would highly recommend the Hiclone to anyone who is interested.

Yours sincerely, Caroline Pellicano

Email – 21 December 2002

After installing the Hiclone, my 98 Proton Satria Xli 1.6 (which I only feed BP Ultimate and Castrol Magnatec) has improved from 11.4km/l to 13km/l in the city. This means I can now travel 546km (an improvement of 67km) before the fuel light comes on. Also, the car had a very minor but annoying flat spot just after idle, but this is now gone.

Thanks Guys, Ashley Hansen

Email – 3 October 2001

Hi just a note to say that I am getting 30.6 MPG or 9.2 litres per 100km out of my VX SS 5.7 litre Commodore which was previously fitted to a vtss but it has taken 4000km to really make a difference as the computer gradually resets itself to require less fuel for the same power.

Tony Richardson, Forster, NSW

3 October 2001

Hi the VT SS 5.7 was achieving 27.8 mpg before Hiclone & the VX 26.4

Cheers, Tony

27 May 2004

Hi Caroline,

Just a note from a happy customer, you guys were right with the 12% increase. I have gone from 5.25k/l ti 5.8k/l with the aid of extractors and to 6.5k/l with the second Hiclone.

Regards, Rob Taylor

Initially sceptical, I noticed an immediate power increase at higher revs. Fuel consumption fell from around 12L (already reasonable) to nearly 10L per 100km, which is a saving of over 15%. There has also been a dramatic reduction in the exhaust emissions.

Nissan GQ Patrol 4.2 L Diesel, Adam Howe

08 9322 4014

Who needs it?

All motor vechile owners

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  • Increased mileage
  • Quicker starting
  • Stable idling
  • Reduced noise
  • More power output
  • Longer engine life